15 August 2015

Second Thoughts – Christmas Every Day

Greetings Dear Reader,

Sometimes I will end the day with thoughts that are important to get out.  Usually I just write them and put them in my journal folder.  I have chosen that on occasion I will share them with you Dear Reader.

Whilst I have celebrated the wedding of friends today there is a single dark pixel in the screen of this bright day.  My Daughter Christmas is still hundreds of miles away.  She is on her way back but this is the first time since she came to live with us that I have not been with her on her birthday.

I am only able celebrate her in words today, so I will.  She is an amazing person.  She is strong and intelligent.  She has a heart for those in need.  Her love of children is holy and fierce.  Her love of the beauty in the world is unparalleled. 

She has whit and cheek in spades.  She works hard and reasons out better ways to do things constantly.  Christmas has a WICKED love of musical theatre.  She may know every line to every Disney movie.  Her mind is sharper than she believes.  The world is a much better place because she is in it.

I know that every day she has lived in my home I have felt something of the magic of Christmas in my life.  Her determination to have a better life shows the hope that Christmas portents.  Every time she smiles from the heart it is like opening a gift.  Each step toward Christ that she takes in her journey mirrors the beauty and grace found in redemption.  Her presence has surly provided Christmas in my home every day. 

Happy Birthday Christmas; you are loved and valued.

Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle

There's two things I know for sure:
She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl.
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes
and I thank god for all of the joy in my life
Oh, but most of all

For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
sticking little white flowers all up in her hair;
"Walk beside the pony, Daddy, it's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried."
Oh, with all that I've done wrong, I must have done something right
To deserve a hug every morning And butterfly kisses at night.

Sweet 16 today
She's looking like her mama a little more everyday
One part woman, the other part girl.
To perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls
Trying her wings out in a great big world.
But I remember.....

Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
sticking little white flowers all up in her hair.
"You know how much I love you, Daddy,
But if you don't mind I'm only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time."
Oh with all that I've done wrong I must have done something right
to deserve her love every morning and butterfly kisses at night.

All the precious time
Like the wind, the years go by.
Precious butterfly.
Spread your wings and fly.

She'll change her name today.
She'll make a promise and I'll give her away.
Standing in the bride-room just staring at her.
She asked me what I'm thinking and I said
"I'm not sure-I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl."
She leaned over

Gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there,
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
"Walk me down the aisle, Daddy-it's just about time."
"Does my wedding gown look pretty, Daddy? Daddy, don't cry"
Oh, with all that I've done wrong I must have done something right.
To deserve her love every morning and butterfly kisses

I couldn't ask God for more, man this is what love is.
I know I gotta let her go, but I'll always remember
Every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses...

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, "That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a home owner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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