23 March 2016

Holy Week 2016 - The Cost of the Day – Blood Money

Greetings Dear Reader,

Traditionally this is known as Spy Wednesday.  The Priests in Jerusalem are charged with representing the Father to the people.  They have spent decades creating a system of laws around the law that burden the people and rob them.  They have stolen the freedom that exists within the Law of Moses by overburdening it.

Then Jesus comes.  He is the Messiah.  He heals the sick, feeds the hungry, and raises the dead.  He calls into question the actions of the ruling priests.  He challenges the system they have put into place and demands that they attend to the heart of the law.  He insists that they love God and each other.

As Jesus prepares for the Passover meal and weeps for the city he loves those responsible to represent him plot to kill him.  His friend Judas meets with the priests.  They plan how to take him quietly away from the crowds that claim to love him.

The cost of this day is loyalty and honor.  The price for it is thirty pieces of silver.  The price of innocent blood is paid by the priests to arrange the shedding of the most innocent blood.  Our dearest blood is sold along with obedience to the Creator.  I believe that Judas had the misguided motive to push Jesus into acting like God.  I know that the priests charged with the defending the Father are intent on killing his Son.

The cost of the day is our most precious blood.  The price is more sin.  The price is betrayal of office, charge, and friendship.  The violation of trust is so complete.  The stage is set for the party that will cost the very life of God.  Do not for a moment think that we are guiltless. 

I am the priests defending my position and power over honor and good.
I am Judas thinking that I know the plan better than the Father and the Son.
I am the silver trying to put a value on God’s blood.
I am the benefactor of it all.

Blood Money – Andrew Lloyd Webber

Now if I help you
It matters that you see
This sorta kind of things are coming hard to me
It's taken me some time
To work out what to do
I waited the whole thing up
Before I came to you
I have not thought at all
about my own reward
I really didn't come here
Of my own accord
Just don't say I'm
Damned for all time!

I came because I had to
I'm the one who saw
Jesus can't control it
Like he did before
And furthermore I know
That Jesus thinks so too
Jesus wouldn't mind that I was here with you
I have not thought at all
about my own reward
I really didn't come here
Of my own accord
Just don't say I'm
Damned for all time!

Annas, you're a friend
A holy man and wise
Caiaphas, my friend
I know you sympathise

Why are we the prophets?
Why are we the ones?
Who see the sad solution
Now what must be done?
I have not thought at all
about my own reward
I really didn't come here
Of my own accord
Just don't say I'm
Damned for all time!

Cut the protesting
Forget the excuses
We want information
Get up off the floor

We have the papers
We need to arrest him
You know his movements
We know the law

Your help in this matter
Won't go unrewarded

We'll pay you in silver
Cash on the nail
We just need to know
Where the soldiers can find him
With no crowd around him
Then we can't fail

I don't want your blood money

Oh, that doesn't matter
Our expenses are good

I don't need your blood money

But you might as well take it
We think that you should

Think of the things
You can do with that money
Choose any charity
Give to the poor
We've noted your motives
We've noted your feelings
This isn't blood money

Annas: (spoken)
A fee

A fee nothing more

On Thursday night
You'll find him where you want him
Far from the crowds
In the garden of Gethsemane

Well done Judas
Good old Judas

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, "That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a home owner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”
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