24 January 2017

Second Thoughts – 5 Days in and We Are Still Here

Greetings Dear Reader,

Sometimes I will end the day with thoughts that are important to get out.  Usually I just write them and put them in my journal folder.  I have chosen that on occasion I will share them with you Dear Reader.

I know that both my Democratic and Republican friends feel very strongly about our new President.   There seems to be so much fear and anger pervading the comments that we have forgotten that we need to work together.

Even though I thought that our recently former President was not a good president I did not want the things that would benefit our nation to fail.  I do not want our current President to fail.  I do want the people to find peaceful, honorable ways for our voices to be heard.

Shouting down those with who we disagree is neither honorable nor honest.   Justifying intolerance of even the intolerant is hypocritical.  Fear mongering only destroys the possibility of honest dialogue.  We have forgotten that we can work together without making everything political. 

I would not have chosen this man to be our President.  It is the President that was, however, chosen.  We need to work together.  We need to let go of any bitterness and spread compassion and care for each other as thickly as we spread hate and anger.

For those of you who do not know what Christ followers are supposed to do here is a quick list.  I urge you to hold us accountable.

  •  We are to honor our leaders as the ministers of God’s justice:  Romans 13:1 “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”
  • We are required to pray for them: 1 Timothy 2:1-15 “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, ...”
  • We are to love and respect everyone even if we loath what they stand for:  Philippians 2:3 “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”
  • We are not allowed to be mean, cruel, selfish, or dismissive:  1 Peter 2:17 “Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.”
  • We are required to meet the needs of those around us without expectation of return:  1 John 3:17,18 “"If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth."

If anyone claims to follow Christ and argues with any of this ask them to explain how they can justify it.   I hate that there is so much strife in our nation.   We need to try harder to be good to each other.  What do you think Dear Reader?

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, "That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a home owner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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