26 April 2005

An Offer to the Masses, or a Contest if you wish


This offer is for any who would buy my books. Keep reading to find out the details.

I keep careful track of sales and the venue through which my books are sold. There are four ways to acquire one of my published novels. Here they are:

Order directly from me. This is the best way, you get it autographed and personalized. This is great for gifts and for your own library. aramisthorn@aramisthorn.com

Order from my publishers. They are awesome and friendly. If you order from them and want an autographed book, feel free to send your book to me with an SASE of proper size. Email me for the mailing address. http://www.bbotw.com/description.asp?ISBN=0-7414-2231-X

Have your local bookstore order it. This is great because they here my name and may order more.

Order it from Amazon. I love Amazon and they are great folks, but I only make about 10% of my normal royalty when they sell my books. Here is the link any way. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/104-2590332-1322328

I want to sell a million books. I need your help. I can track all orders easily from the first two sources. They are the only viable sources for this offer. The person who buys the one millionth copy of either of my books will receive from me a brand new VW bug. This is not associated with VW in any way, it will just be my way of saying thank you to the person who puts me over the top. I look forward to our visit to your local VW dealer whoever you are.

The legal stuff:
This offer requires that the participants pay any associated taxes and in no way obligates anyone else to support the vehicle once purchased. Winner must be of a legal age in their state to purchase said vehicle and acceptance does not further obligate the giver in any other way once the purchase is complete. Subject to all rules and regulations in the winner's state and the home of the author.