20 June 2008

Some Catching up to do

Greetings Beloved Readers,

Life has had much turmoil for me of late but I am attempting to regain the regiments that aide me in my journey. This will be a short post with both good news and dire.

Avalon has left me. After nearly eleven years she has said she no longer wishes to try and make our marriage work. I love her and pray daily for reconciliation but she says that is not her desire.

More work but more writing time. I am teaching full time again but it may actually provide me with more opportunities to write as it has forced me to write at other times than morning.

Awesome Father's day gift: My daughter, Christmas, gave me a Knight's Templar ring for Father's day and it is lovely.

My Son Maxim and his bride kept me busy all weekend. All of my children are caring for me well during this time of trouble.
Bezel, my youngest son, turns 21 next month and we journey south to celebrate him.
I will endeavor to write more often now that things are settling.
Wishing you joy in the journey,
Aramis Thorn