25 April 2007

A Bevy of Birthdays


The end of April always brings a flurry of celebration in our household. My beloved Avalon's birthday is just a day after my eldest Son's and his intended bride is just a week later. I am passionate about celebrating others. We will dine and cake and toast the weekend long.

That said I want to dwell on the people to be celebrated for a moment. My Son, Maxim is a fine young man. He is almost done with college and has the respect of his church elders and his employers. He works hard and has little time for his own interests because of it. He stays focused on who God is calling him to become by building his knowledge and faith stone by stone. I am honored to be his Father and to celebrate his life again this year.

Raven, my soon to be Daughter in Law has a dark beauty that goes beyond words. Her artistry and humor never cease to fascinate me. She sees things in way that pushes others to note the beauty God has placed in the world. It refreshes me and I am honored that she is my official cover artist.

My beloved Avalon is the light of my journey. She challenges me every day to be a better man and I see daily in her the determination to be fully the colorful tapestry that God has designed for her. The mosaic that is her life fascinates me anew every moment. I hear God in her laughter.

If you know these three wonderful beings, be sure to tell them Happy Birthday, but more importantly, know them, enjoy them, celebrate that God has allowed us to be a part of their time on the earth.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn

04 April 2007

Thoughts on Resurrection Sunday

Greetings Dear Readers,

While today we find that in our little burrow winter has revisited us with a reminding splash of snow and wind chills, the signs of spring are robust in our yard. The Day Lilies and Daffodils have sent their green shoots up through the mulch promising the advent of yellows and oranges that can only be properly painted by God.

In the midst of the seasonal ebb and flow is one of the two most significant holy days in my life. Next Sunday is Resurrection Sunday. Many of you know it as Easter Sunday. I do not call it this because of the root of that particular title and the changes in modern culture. The word Easter was adopted by the early church in their attempts to syncrotize the cultures of Britten into the church. It was similar to their spring feast dedicated to Eostre. The attempt was to make the faith of Christ more palatable to the Anglo-Saxon inhabitants of the isle.

My other and stronger reason for this choice is to remind everyone exactly what the purpose of the holy day is. Too much attention is give to eggs, candy, bunnies, and baskets and too little is given to the fact that we are celebrating the resurrection of Christ. The resurrection is one of the foundational keystones of the Christian faith and it has been assailed by its detractors since the day it happened.

Spend some time this week reflecting on the resurrection of Christ from the dead and what it holds for you.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn