30 July 2008

21 and Lessons Learned

Greetings Beloved Readers,

Things continue to progress in life even when one wishes to step off the ride and just watch. Christmas, Maxim, Raven, and I journeyed south for Bezel's 21st birthday. We all had a much needed respite and Christmas was awed by the amazing green of our nation. Since her migration here from Australia, she has remarked over and over how lush America is.

Bezel took on all comers with potent potable names on his 21st birthday. Jose', Jack, Jim, Johnny, and many others found their way down his gullet and made havoc with both his brain and belly. I was not witness to his gastronomic dance but heard about it from all my other youngsters. He seemed to learn a valuable lesson from the adventure and he still shows maturity in his choices and actions. I am proud to be his father and his friend.

Christmas and I visited Kentucky Down Under. I highly recommend this amazing place and its exotic Australian animals.

Avalon is still away but the smell of chocolate chip cookies never fades. I love her and miss her. Pray for us.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn