29 September 2007

The World of Writers

Greetings Dear Readers,

As I enter my second full day at my publisher's conference I find that I am amazed by the depth of talent and experience I encountered throughout the day yesterday. One the amazing moments was late last night when sixteen authors gathered to share five minute excerpts from their work.

I watched in awe as one after another read from a book that I now long to read. Some were poignant, some were humorous, and all were amazingly well written. As a storyteller, not just a writer, I could feel the love for each story in the voice of its crafter. Writers love what they write and in this case it was possible to love it with them. None of them had birthed ugly babies that we cooed at out of respect for the parent and a love of life. Each was beautiful on its own merits.

I also have talked with two excellent marketers who have given me grand ideas in how to get more readers walking through my stories with me. I will be devoting my "marketing time" to some new ventures and we will see if they pan out.

Whilst I prepare for my second full day at the conference, I am sure that the morning will find me itching to return home and accelerate the application of my new strategies. I still need to prepare for my trip to Australia and have a term of teaching to finish out. I do no have too much on my plate, but I return from this buffet of amazing writing support with said plate full to almost overflowing and a renewed spirit of what writing can be if I will allow it to be that.

Time permitting, I will report on today's activities in the morning. Until then, remember that if you aspire to write, are a writer, or have written and wander here to see what I am doing, the company of other writers is encouraging and fills one with energy. This group also fills me with hope.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aaramis Thorn

27 September 2007

Confering with Other Writers

Greetings Dear Readers,

Since it has been some time since my last post I thought I would share the changes that have erupted into my life. I am still writing but may real life things have hindered my time and attention to posting.

My lovely editor RJ and her husband have a new Son who seems to fill RJ's life with electric joy. I cannot wait to meet the young man and see how his mother's most excellent love fills his young heart.

My beloved Son, Maxim married his beautiful Raven this summer is a wedding that took my breath and drew my tears of joy. Their love for each other is so obvious it leeks from every pore and beams to all who come near them. Huzzah and Congratulations my beloved Son and Daughter In Law.

My younger Son, Bezel thinks he has little going on in his life but alas that is not the case. He is choosing. He is journeying that long road to the responsible side of manhood where he will determine what he becomes in his later years. He shows honesty, thoughtfulness, and wisdom in his choosing and I pray the path takes him on great adventures that thrill both him and Christ.

Avalon, my beloved Spouse and I are also gaining a Daughter in the next few weeks. Before you flood us with inquiries, Avalon is not with child but we are adopting a young lady who needs a loving home. Our soon to be Daughter, Christmas already fills our lives with joy and her love for Christ shines brightly as she journeys to us out of the darkness of her past.

I write this to you from my publisher's writing conference and hope that it finds you well. I will be back to regular posts and look forward to your feed back. The Ferrets, Avalon, and my Children greet you all.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn