23 February 2007

One Flu in a Cuckoo's Nest

Greetings Dear Reader,

Writing has been blurry and delirious this week. On Sunday evening I felt chilly. One must understand that I rarely feel cold. By Monday morning I had fever, chills, and congestion. My fever topped off at 105 on Tuesday evening. Apparently I held several conversations I do not remember and talked of things both wonderful and strange. My fever broke by Wednesday afternoon but I still feel achy and tired. Unfortunately my wife is just entering the fever stages of this same Flu and I hope she has it easier than I.

I just reread some of the things I typed into my computer during my delirium. They will never see the light of day as they make some of Lewis Carroll's drug induced prose seem like formal writing. The delirium and Flu are departing but in their wake they leave a new perspective on some things.
  • I am sure I drank about 4 million gallons of water, juice, and Propel this week.
  • I ate some wonderful Hot and Sour soup from my favorite Chinese place that the owner prepared special for me when he found out I was sick.
  • I am still confused about the feed a cold-starve a fever thing. What do you do when you have a cold and a fever?
  • Most of all - The writer in me has some real craziness lurking beneath the surface and I should never let it out.
Next week I should be back to focusing on the craft and its rivulets of power. Let me know what you are reading and how you are doing.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn

14 February 2007

A Year Older, An Unexpected Distraction, and a Second Life

Greetings Dear Readers,


This week sees me a year older and a wonderful weekend to show for it. Avalon, my beloved wife planned an excellent birthday for me. We ate well, played games, and I got to spend a great deal of time with her. Many friends were around me and my youngest son, Bezel made a special trip to see me. All said it was a wonderful time and I will cherish it.

We started on Thursday morning with the unexpected rival of Bezel. He came in during my writing time and startled me from my creative reverie. Always a welcome invitation. He and a school chum had drive over night from GA just for my birthday. My sons took me to a favorite Wimpy Bar for lunch and we had breakfast for dinner.

On Friday we went to my favorite diner for breakfast and then to the movies. In the afternoon we played indoor miniature golf and then went to a bar that gives free beer on or near your birthday. In the group of eleven of us that went out for dinner, four of us had birthdays last week. We also had three designated drivers. After dinner we returned to the house and played a wonderful social game called Apples to Apples. Eleven over tired and slightly over indulged adults playing a word game is the perfect recipe for hilarity.

Saturday morning, my actual birthday, we started with bagels and coffee. We saw Hannibal Rising which was surprisingly well done. For dinner we ate at a great local Taco joint and all were satisfied. We spent the remainder of the day sitting around relaxing.

Sunday morning many of us went to church and then to lunch at a new Mongolian Barbecue. It is more upscale and the food was excellent. Bezel and his friend had to depart in the late afternoon for the trip back to GA but it was a joy to see him. Maxim and his intended bride stayed around for a while but Avalon and I went to a friends house for dinner.


Just prior to leaving for dinner on Sunday I felt a sharp jolt in my gums above teeth numbers seven and eight. After a night of extreme discomfort I was honored with an emergency root canal Monday morning. I have one of the best dentists in the cosmos and he made the procedure as bearable as possible. His staff has a unique ability to make one feel safe and genuinely cared for. Thanks to the folks at Dr. Fred's.

The subsequent pain and recovery left me with little brain power for writing so I tried a new venture that I will recommend with caution.


If you have not discovered Second Life, you should give it a tour. It is a virtual world created on line that you can join for free. www.secondlife.com The world has a real economy and you can be virtually anyone you wish to be. It is self directed and non linear. My Second Life name is Aramis Merlin. Give it a try and look me up if you wish. I am thinking of starting a freelance virtual writing business.

07 February 2007

Distractions From the Craft

Greetings Dear Readers,

Nothing is so discouraging as the things of everyday life that attempt to distract us from our craft. If it is not household errands or maintenance needs it is getting lost in the necessary research required to do the writing. I thought that I would offer a few tips for writers that I have gleaned over the years. I cannot promise you success if you do these things, but I can promise productivity. Some of this comes from Stephen King's "On Writing." The rest is experience and research I cannot recall.
  • Read "On Writing" by Stephen King. Read it again.
  • Read every day - you must continue to grow if you are going to reproduce.
  • Write every day - a writer writes
  • Pick a time every day that you will write and only vary it when totally necessary.
  • Choose an amount of writing you will do during each session and stick to it. Increase this until it becomes your practical creative limit. I write 5000 words a day (Say thankee Sai King).
  • Pick a genera and stick to it. You can dabble in other things for fun but only after you get done with work.
  • Have a first reader; someone who will be honest with you but kind and gentle; someone you trust.
  • Have a good editor; someone who has no interest in anything but fixing your poor spelling, bad grammar, and plot holes.
  • Have a first circle; a group of people who are not fans and will give honest feedback on your work.
  • Submit something for publication every week; yea verily every day if possible. It does not matter how much you write if no one reads it.
  • Know that you are worth a decent paycheck. Never undersell yourself or your work.
  • Pick a date to quit your day job if you have one, and work toward it.
  • Watch your diet and exercise. If you allow a job that involves sitting to steal your health you will not be able to accomplish as much and you will not look good on the dust jacket of your book.
  • Find a writer's conference that has a track record of helping writers.
  • Get an agent when you feel you need one.
  • Set up a web site and blog to showcase your work.
  • Never quit.
  • Let me know when you get published.

I have other ideas but will save them as they require further development and more space to properly teach.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn