08 May 2007

Coming Soon...

Greetings Dear Readers,

The wait may finally be over. I heard from my publisher yesterday and you may be able to get The Praetor before summer officially begins. Since my oldest son is getting married this summer, I would caution you not expect too many appearances of the author before fall.

On another front, I am almost finished with the rewrite of second installment of the Annals of the Four Horsemen, Chronicles of Polaemos The War Bringer. I will post a chapter on the web site in the near future. Hopefully we will have cover art by the end of summer.

I am currently writing to novels at once. Remind me some time to tell you how I structure this as there are currently 33 books outlined and ready for writing. If someone could tell me how to extract the stories directly from my brain without going through the keyboard or my microphone, please let me know.

Until then I will pound away crafting new tales for you letter by letter. As always, I am grateful to my readers and their support.

Wishing you joy in the journey,
Aramis Thorn


  1. Anonymous14/5/07 11:03

    Interesting person.
    Thankyou for the peek.
    I shall continue to watch.

  2. Anonymous12/6/07 11:29

    Ready to edit Annals of the Four Horsemen, Chronicles of Polaemos The War Bringer. Send it on! Done with Sheetrock. I can send it with A. on his way up to WI for the wedding celebration. Peace! RJ