25 January 2009

A Little Light Musing (pun intended)

Greetings Dear Readers,

I recently was asked to render 25 random things about myself. I thought I would share them with you.

25 Things about me…

1. I think Georgia Peaches are the best food on the planet
2. I have eaten monkey
3. I went to Australia for only 6 hours
4. Serenity is my favorite movie. I could watch it daily.
5. I love the cold
6. I love the snow
7. I have driven a vehicle at over 200 mph
8. I am not a Christian (http://aramisthorn.blogspot.com/2007/06/do-not-call-me-christian.html )
9. I make my students guess my pen name
10. I am very allergic to cats
11. Cats either love me or want to suffocate me as they always sit on me
12. I want to be Santa Clause
13. I have worked as a professional Santa Clause
14. I once, on a dare, ate a gallon of chocolate ice cream
15. I once threw up a gallon of chocolate ice cream
16. I have been homeless
17. I have seen every episode of every iteration of Star Trek at least twice
18. I see most of life as a musical
19. I have every Jethro Tull album released in the United States
20. I am really good with words
21. I am never good enough with words to express the depth of my love for my children
22. There is a college picture of me in a three piece suit and wearing a large red nose and tinfoil antlers
23. I once made an Ice Cream Sundae for Isaac Hayes
24. I have one degree of separation from 3 presidents
25. I know that I fail, rebel, wander, and sin but want to follow Christ so closely that from time to time I step on the back of his sandal.

How about you?

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn

1 comment:

  1. Christmas31/1/09 15:10

    It is so hard to think about your self, I admire how You can list what you know of your self.
    Many have the skill that they can see well and know much about other, though struggle with their inner knowledge.

    I will resurch into myself and let you know 25 things about me ...

    though thank you, this from you gives many a new light on you
    It is a fantastic idea to have every one do!