08 August 2018

Fun with Flags ~ Stars and Bars

Greetings Dear Reader,

Once again just my addressing this may step on a few toes.  Please indulge me as I try to resolve this issue in my own mind.  I assure you that I am sensitive to those who find the topic offensive but my intent is honest analysis and not to offend anyone.

When the controversy erupted over the use of the Stainless Banner by racist and hateful people our society demanded that it be removed from all government use.  The issue of slavery was presented as the reason that this symbol is so offensive.  What seems ironic to me is that the demands violated the other major issue of southern succession that has never been properly addressed.

Slavery is wrong, full stop.   The South was correct, however, on the issue of the rights of individual states to determine most of their own laws.  We see this evident in the current changes from state to state over marijuana laws.  When we think about the issue of the legalization of marijuana we are all for state’s rights.   Why then are we hypocritical about other things.

I agree that it may be time for the Stainless Banner to be permanently furled by official government offices.  It is not, however, the right of anyone to oppress a state into that action.  If we are going to allow states to self-determine based on the will of the people then we must be consistent as long as those laws do not violate human rights. 

I have long understood why this flag is offensive to some.  It is a part of my heritage having grown up in the South.  That does not mean that I embrace the idea of it being a symbol that should be used today.  I think that if we want to accomplish this, however, we need to do so with honest conversation that recognizes the rights of others to choose.  The honey versus vinegar idea applies.

The other thing we must do to be consistent is to recognize that the Stainless Banner is not the same thing as the Stars and Bars.  In fact, if one does a little research into the history of Confederate flags there are several that we will still see in common use in some forms.  If we are going to call for all Confederate flags to disappear, it is a larger task than we realize.

What I must consider is if the flag I wave is offensive by what it symbolizes.  If it is, and that offence has merit then I should not wave it.  If, however, you demand that I abandon a flag you must help me understand why your feelings supersede my freedom to choose.  I will always be sensitive to the offense that things cause.  I will not be manipulated by the easily offended.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
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