16 August 2018

Negating Needs ~ Respect

Greetings Dear Reader,

This is one of those issues with which I have wrestled almost my entire life.  Growing up in the South I do not recall a time when I was not expected to “respect my elders”.  Perhaps I should define respect first:

noun: respect
a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements, the state of being admired or respected.
synonyms:   esteem, regard, high opinion, admiration, reverence, deference, honor, due regard, politeness, courtesy, civility
antonyms:    contempt, disrespect

I see the need to respect people.   That is something that our society must perfect if it is to find peace.  My Grandfather telling me to respect my Grandmother when I was rude made good sense.  Since 1950 the use of this word has declined in use every year. 

I think that we can all agree that giving respect to others is important.  It is vital to peaceful relationships that we give respect.  I am more concerned about the other side of the coin.  I am concerned that we are identifying a false need when we think we deserve or are due respect. 

It may be true that we do deserve respect due to our office, position, or person.  Children should always respect their parents.  That does not mean that as a parent I should focus on deserving respect.  It does not mean that I can carry that as a weapon in my arsenal.  If I do think I am due respect, I am creating a need that can only be fed by pride. 

Even if I am due it, it is not my place to demand or insist on it.  I can only see that coming form my pride.  When I think I am due respect and I am disrespected it does not produce love and compassion.  It makes me angry.  If remember that I really do not want the things I deserve as a fallen human then perhaps I can deal with disrespect with more humility.

If I am to wage a war on negating my designees needs, I must realize that respect is something that may be important but I do not need it to be my best self.  It may be that laying aside the thought that I am due it will free me to see better ways to move others to be respectful.  I am sure that laying aside my feelings of insistence can make room for me to be more humble.  That is vital for me.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
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