16 December 2018

Where Are You Christmas ~ What Does God Want for Christmas?

Happy Christmas Dear Reader,

At the heart of my love for Christmas is always this question.  I really do ponder what gift I can give someone who owns all of creation.  I consider what if anything I have to give.  In searching for Christmas amidst so many changes this year I find the question leaving me even more lacking in a response than usual.

Amidst my usual lists and activities, I always include things that are devoted to showing my love for Jesus.  It is why I carry songs and kindness with me everywhere.  It is why I devote time to bell-ringing and charity work.  It is the motivation behind my gift giving.  This last one needs a little explanation.

When I shop for gifts for others, I pray for them as I am shopping.  I ask the Father to guide me in finding things that will show them that I know who they are and love them for it.  I pray for their needs and their dreams.  I long to find the right gift that will open their heart to the real gift of Christmas: Jesus. I long for them to make room for him in their heart.

I admit it is frustrating that I cannot do that this year.  By now I would usually have tiers of boxes with gifts in them and clues on them.  I would steep in the merriment of anticipation of those I love opening the gifts I got them.  I would sit in the evening in front of the light of the tree being thankful for all that I have and the freedom to give.

I will not get to be Santa this year.  I no longer have my suit and no one seems to need one where I am.  I will not be handing out gifts and seeing that wonder in little children or helping the kids I have for so many years.  This too is something that I did to give space in my heart for Jesus.

Finding Christmas without all of that proves challenging for me.  It feels foreign and a little empty for me.  Then I return to the question.  I return to the search for Christmas also wondering what I can possibly offer God.  Grief and loss are so powerful but so is love and faith. 

Where are you Christmas?  You are in my heart.  You are in my desire to do all the things I cannot do and seeing beyond them.  I find you in the desire to give more of that heart to God.  I cannot do the material things but I can give more of what is really me to the one who desires nothing less than all that I am.     

This year all that I can give is more of my heart.  That is also what is central to answering the question.  If Christ does not have all of my heart then everything else is empty and perfunctory.   I am learning the vast difference between making room in my heart for Jesus and giving all of it to him.  I invite you to try it Dear Reader.  I would love to hear your story when you do.

Old man playing Santa Claus
Blue in a town with old Jack Frost
Now he's handing out candy canes and smiles for free
People scoring with their lists
Rushing around to buy those gifts that will
End up wrapped up underneath the tree
I'm sitting at this red light looking at a manger scene
Watching snowflakes kiss that baby
And it makes me think

I wonder what God wants for Christmas
Something that you can't find in a store
Maybe peace on Earth, no more empty seats in church
Might be what's on His wish list
I wonder what God wants for Christmas

What do you give someone
Who give His only Son
What if we believe in Him
Like He believes in us

I wonder what God wants for Christmas
What might put a smile on His face
Every bubble with no dust, the devil given up
Might be what's on His wish list

I wonder what God wants for Christmas
What kind of gift from you and me
More sister, more brother, more lovin' one another
Yean I wonder, I wonder what God wants
By now we oughta know what God wants for Christmas

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, "That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a home owner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”
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