09 February 2020

Songs in the Darkness ~ Direction in the Dark – Closing Thoughts

Greetings Dear Reader,

One road was simple acceptance of life
The other road offered sweet peace
When I made my decision
My vision became my release

There is a milestone ahead.  It is more significant for some than others.  I will speak more about that tomorrow.  There are times when we have to choose a direction in the dark.  I have been in the place more than once where physical, mental, or metaphorical darkness shrouded my ability to make a decision.

Faust at the Crossroads
Too often, we choose what will be the easiest path, or at least, the path of least resistance.  I was in deep darkness and chose a much harder path.  The darkness, the result of choosing the wrong path for too long, made the choice dangerous and fearful.  People proclaim they want you to be free, be well, and be happy until they do not like the choice you make to acquire those things. 

The truth is that a year of pursuing love over any personal desire is that it has brought me sweet peace.  We have difficulty envisioning how a reset of our lives can lead to all the proper things.  Fear and pain make it hard to see in the darkness they bring with them.  What we do is we choose the easy path that simply accepts that things will not change.  This leaves us in our darkness.  It leaves us in pain.

The other thing we do is that we repeat the patterns that others see in us that are unhealthy.  We say we are going to get things together but those choices do not change.  As the milestone looms, I realize that things have changed.  I am more alone than I have ever been but I am also at peace with it.  I do not have everything I want but I have what I need to keep moving forward.  I have a clearer vision of who and where I wish to be. 

We all have nether lands where we can find our way back to real faith and following.  We must, however, choose the path no matter how deep the darkness or fearful the choice.  The path of peace is the way home.  The pavement of love is where I must walk.  I must always have space for you on the journey and beside my fire Dear Reader.

We will break camp in the morning and reach our required milestone.   Let us end this part of the journey with the song I shared as I lit the fire.  I will fill our mugs with mead and our bowls with the fine Cavendish.  We will listen and you may share your thoughts and questions with me.  I am ever thankful for your company.

Netherlands – Dan Fogelberg

High on this mountain the clouds down below
I'm feeling so strong and alive
From this rocky perch, I'll continue to search
For the wind and the snow and the sky

Oh, I want a lover and I want some friends
And I want to live in the sun
And I want to do all the things
That I never have done

Sunny bright mornings and pale moonlit nights
Keep me from feeling alone
Now, I'm learning to fly and this freedom is like
Nothing that I've ever known

Oh, I've seen the bottom and I've been on top
But mostly I've lived in between
And where do you go
When you get to the end of your dreams?

Off in the Netherlands, I heard a sound
Like the beating of heavenly wings
And deep in my brain, I can hear a refrain
Of my soul as she rises and sings

Anthems to glory and anthems to love and
Hymns filled with earthly delight
Like the songs that the darkness
Composes to worship the light

Once in a vision, I came on some woods
And stood at a fork in the road
My choices were clear yet I froze with the fear
Of not knowing which way to go

One road was simple acceptance of life
The other road offered sweet peace
When I made my decision
My vision became my release

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, "That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a homeowner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”
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