04 February 2019

Desperado ~ Queen of Diamonds

Greetings Dear Reader,

“Don't you draw the Queen of Diamonds, boy
She'll beat you if she's able”

The idea of things is a dangerous one.  For years I used things to make me comfortable, or at least to cushion my separation from others.  When I was young and stupid, I chased money for a few years.  It was in an attempt to make life easier but it also caused me to be absent and always working.  I sewed the seeds of damage in my relationships that grew into later greater failures.

When we seek isolation, we often chase material things to comfort us.  We chase the Queen of Diamonds thinking she will satisfy our hunger for love.  Several songs that I like speak about buying love.  The Queen of Diamonds hides in things that we only think we possess.  It does not have to be a fancy car or luxury home.  It does not need to be clothes or jewelry.  We surround ourselves with more than we need hoping to love things rather than people.

Most of us have far more than is healthy.  Currently everything I own will fit in my car and I still have more than I need.  We collect so many things that we do not need if we are invested in love.  We convince ourselves that we deserve these things for our hard work.  It does not take long for our possessions to possess us. 

The house always wins.  The Queen of Diamonds always beats us when she is able.  She always takes our earnings and gives little back.  Here are few others song lyrics to drive home my thinking on this:

“I am so often deterred from my actual intent by distractions in cellophane wrap, and the cruel voice that taunts me when I open them up to find just one more box full of crap.” – Waterdeep

“Surrounding myself with possessions, I surely have more than I need.  I don’t know if this is justice hard earned or simply a matter of greed.” – Dan Fogelberg

“And if I had a million dollars, I buy you love.” – Barenaked Ladies

The Queen of Diamonds offers to satisfy us and fulfill our lives with her vast wealth.  In truth, her rough edges damage and change us.  She cuts us deeply and leaves us to bleed wondering why our transactions with her leave us lonely and wanting.  She never loves back and secretly laughs when we profess our love to her.

If we take inventory Dear Reader, we can quickly see just how much we have that we do not need.  Like our reasons for being hard hearted, we have reasons for loving possessions.  The challenge is to look at what we can be shed of and then listen to the quarrel within.  It is in listening to that inner war that we will hear the pitiful reasons we have for possessing things that keep love at bay. 

It is in her presence that we are captivated by the beauty of the Queen of Diamonds.  She poses as always available but she is never attainable.  She is not our friend and she does not love us but she promises both with lying eyes.  “What does it matter if a man gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”  If we are seeking the heart solitude of a desperado, our sad answer is often, “how much for just the planet?”

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, "That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a home owner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”
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