05 February 2019

Desperado ~ Queen of Hearts

Greetings Dear Reader,

“You know the Queen of Hearts is always your best bet.”

This may be hard to hear.  It is very hard to think sometimes.  Even I, when confronted with some situations will demand justice or honor without love.  It is always the losing bet.  Bet on others to give justice and honor when they do not feel loved and you will almost always lose.  Apply justice or any other noble thing without love and it eventually becomes poisoned.

It is love that is Queen.  It is in her embrace that we have so much to gain and so little to lose.  I am going to do something I do not do often and give you an example from the Bible.  Those who read this blog or my books regularly know that I believe the Bible.  I try not to use it as a weapon but it is the filter for my faith and practice.  Walk with me for a moment in this ancient book filled with relative present truth.

In his letter to the people in Ephesus, Paul writes about putting on the armor of God.  I have written about this at length in the past.  What I wish to focus on is a part of it that I have neglected and many do not include when putting forth the admonition to use this armor.  We find that missing piece in the Old Testament book of Isiah:

 Isiah 59:17 (AMP) For He [the Lord] put on righteousness like a coat of armor, and salvation like a helmet on His head; He put on garments of vengeance for clothing and covered Himself with zeal [and great love for His people] as a cloak.

The Queen of Hearts desires that we live out righteousness, holiness, justice, goodness, faith, and hope.  She demands that we do it all cloaked in love.  Since we no longer wear cloaks (unless you are like me, a nerdy gamer who likes fantasy as much as he likes reality) you may not get the full import of this.  Cloaks have many vital and useful purposes.

They provide warmth.  The cover and protect our armor from the elements.  The right cloak can help us move with more stealth when necessary.  The right cloak can shelter others even whilst we wear it if necessary.  I own and sometimes wear a real cloak.  I have used it for all of these purposes.

We are to cloak everything about who we are as Christ followers in love.  The Queen of Hearts is our best bet because she will cover everything.  She will neglect nothing if we allow her to embrace us.

When we harden our hearts and resist giving or receiving love, we do great damage.  We apply good things without their protective coating and they become bitter and foul.  Justice without love is harsh and merciless.  Mercy without love is unjust.  You cannot be righteous without love because the greatest commandment is to love.

When we seek to be a Desperado, Dear Reader, we shake off the cloak that the Queen of Hearts offers and become hard and heartless.  We are never truly lacking heart but we lock our hearts away behind a prison of injustice and merciless righteousness.  To reject the Queen of Hearts is to ultimately reject the Father.  She is his true envoy to draw us all to him. 

If you are going to survive you must bet everything on the Queen of Hearts.  I must go all in with all that have to love no matter what the cost to me personally.  I cannot hold forth any of the protections or weapons God gives us without love.  They just will not work.  The Queen of Hearts is not only our best bet; she is the only bet that is guaranteed to pay off.  She will pay off in spades Dear Reader.  All bets in?

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, "That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a home owner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”
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