05 March 2019

Whatever! ~ Admirable

Greetings Dear Reader,

Who do you admire?  It may take some thought or someone may come to mind instantly.  The problem is that eventually, those we admire do not live up to our expectations.  We admire people and they let us down even if they do not mean to do so.

Everyone, even the best of us fails. It is not people we are supposed to admire.  It is deeds that are what we should look up to and admire.  Yes, we associate people with those deeds.  We ought to honor people when they do admirable things.  We get in danger of disillusionment, however, when we set expectations relative to people.

It is possible that we ponder admirable people more than we ponder admirable deeds.  We want to be like him or her rather than wanting to be like that.  It is good to take our example from people who do admirable things.  It is vital that we emulate the deeds from our hearts instead of putting someone on a pedestal.  We do people a disservice when we raise them up.  They cannot sustain it.  We cannot long hold them there.  It is not where we are supposed to stand.

When we ponder admirable deeds, however, we can find many sources from which to choose.  We can look across a spectrum of others who set the example of admirable deeds, thought, and words.  You will find that there are many ways to do that which is admirable.

The motivation for something admirable must though come from the right source.  The motivation must come from our love.  It is the required foundation of the things that led to admirable deeds.  If love is not the foundation of our actions then the admirable deed may benefit others but we are not being admirable.  We are going to fail and perhaps taint that which is admirable if we do not act out of love for others.

My great failures all began with the desire to show love to others.  I was speaking with someone who knows me well about this.  I mentioned that what I wish in every encounter is for others to see the love Christ has for him or her.  Without hesitation, she said, “You always start that way.”  The love and kindness in her voice was reassuring and helped me see more clearly.

She meant it and I do.  The problem comes when I allow the admiration to become what I wish instead of the person seeing the love of Christ.  I transfer the attention from the deed to me.  This is where my failure begins.  This is where I stop thinking on the admirable and lose sight of the foundation of love. 

I have had several encounters of late where I get to show the love of Christ to others without attention being drawn to me.  Being able to walk away before I am too involved and dependent upon admiration is very freeing.  It helps me understand one of the reasons why it is admirable to do good deeds in secret. 

What things do you admire Dear Reader?  How do you go about doing good things and what is your motivation for doing it?  If we agree that our love is the foundation for our thoughts and deeds then perhaps, we can learn to ponder the admirable and act on it without calling attention to ourselves.

We should discuss this further as we journey along.  I want to hear what inspires admiration in you and how you think on admirable things.  Perhaps you can help me refine the ways I can keep myself out of the mix.  Please share your thoughts with me.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, "That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a homeowner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”
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